The construction manual

With more than 160 coloured illustrations the construction manual guides you step by step through the entire construction of the wind turbine. You get all needed theoretical basics, described in a way, that they are easy to understand and practical tips for printing the parts.

The construction manual shows how to wind the coils with the, also 3D-printed “coil winder”, how to assemble the Reprap-Windturbine and how to make the setup outside. Detailed parts lists with sources of supply simplify the procurement of all required materials. Along with all the necessary instructions for building the Reprap- Windturbine STL data are made available. All data are processed and tested ready for 3D printing.



Auxiliary tools

For the construction of the Reprap Windturbine several small auxiliary devices have to be printed. In combination with conventional hand tools, these make the use of expensive machine tools such as lathe or milling machine unnecessary. Even the required test equipment, such as a spring scale and a protractor, will be printed by our 3D printer. You have to use the possibilities of a 3D printer correctly ....... won't work - is not possible! You just have to know how to do it!