The 3d Printed Solar Stirling Engine

The 3d printed solar stirling engine is really nice to print and easy to build. In addition to a 3D printer it takes only a few simple hand tools to build it. Equipment such as a lathe or a milling machine are not needed! All materials are commercially available and easy to obtain.

In sunny weather, the stirling engine can be driven directly by the sun rays. On less sunny days reflector mirrors can be mounted to increase the efficiency enormously. Without sunlight, in the dark or indoors, the stirling engine can also be operated. For example, on a cup of hot tea, or on the heatbed of your 3d printer.


Description and construction manual

Low temperature disc sterling engine:

  • Size 270 mm x 330mm x 370 mm
  • Build solume: 180mm x 150mm x 65mm (x, y, z).
  • Filament: ABS, better ABS und PLA
  • Support material: none

The download includes:

  • Detailed step by step construction manual in PDF format with BOM, all sources of supply and many colored illustrations, which leads you step by step through Construction.
  • All STL-Files for 3d printing.
  • Video tutorials which support construction and will help to avoid errors. They also explain, how to operated the 3d printed solar stirling engine.



Buy the construction manual

With the purchase of the construction manual you will receive a download link via email. Please make sure you povide the correct emailadress. Sending the email may take several minutes. If necessary check your spam-folder / spam-filter. The email has the sendername "share-it! Notification" and the senderadress is ""

The download file is a zip-archive. To open it you need a programm like 7-zip, which is free to download. The zip-archive includes the construction manual as a pdf-file and the needed stl-files for 3d-print.

To buy the construction manual, please follow this link to our online-shop:

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