The 3d printed robotic lawn mower

Automatic lawn mowers are very modern, and very useful, because they take a lot of work from you. Unfortunately, but they are also very expensive! With this download project you can build your own robotic lawn mower at a fraction of the cost that one would have to apply for a commercial one.

How the robotic lawn mower works

The 3d printed robotic lawn mower works on the same principle as its commercial counterparts, which can be bought for a lot of money at most hardware stores. It drives in the inner space of a “boundary wire fence” (BWF). If it comes close to this it stops, turns and then it goes on mowing your lawn continuously. The robotic lawn mower is well tested for a lawn size up to 500m². If your lawn is bigger you need a second battery or you should print a second robotic lawn mower.

In addition to a 3D printer and the needed filament (ABS and PLA) for printing the parts, only a few tools and resources are needed to build the chassis. These are mainly common hobbyist tools. You do not need a lathe or a milling machine. Every common 3d printer with a build volume of minimum 180mm x 180mm x 60mm (x,y,z) is suitable.

The robotic lawn mower is driven by two 12V geared motors. The cutting device is made from a 12V DC-motor and a cutter disc with a diameter of 220mm. The power comes from rechargeable 12V NiMH or 11,1V LiPo batteries.

The electronics

Arduino Uno and Arduino motorboard reduce the electronics work to a minimum, so also beginners will manage to build this project easily. All schematics and the arduino controller software is part of the construction manual, of course.

The construction manual shows step by step how to build the electronics. For every single step you get an arduino sketch for testing the circuit. This way you will learn from the beginning how the electronics and the arduino controller software work. If you never worked with an arduino, you should start now. It is so easy!

Building the “boundary wire fence” (BWF) is also part of the construction manual, of course.




Buy the construction manual

With the purchase of the construction manual you will receive a download link via email. Please make sure you povide the correct emailadress. Sending the email may take several minutes. If necessary check your spam-folder / spam-filter. The email has the sendername "share-it! Notification" and the senderadress is ""

The download file is a zip-archive. To open it you need a programm like 7-zip, which is free to download. The zip-archive includes the construction manual as a pdf-file and the needed stl-files for 3d-print.

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